Some rules for trading BTC

After dabbling in investing, swing trading and HODL'ing, I decided to try something the whole internet thinks is a bad idea, day trading. Two weeks ago I moved my capital to fiat and have been buying and selling BTC for a profit. I don't think I'm outperforming just holding bitcoin overall, although I have made out better on some of the down days. So why not just hodl? With the [Read More]

GiraFFe Browse - A simple way to explore your data

Following on from the success of my undergraduate project, "Building an online resource for Candida tropicalis", I have modified the code base to accept more generic data sets to make it more useful to more researchers. As sequencing becomes cheaper and more widely available thanks to nanopore sequences, and annotation becomes simpler thanks to tools like Prokka, there is an ever increasing amount of data and demand for that data [Read More]

The best YouTube channels around

My primary media source for the last few years has been YouTube channels discovered via reddit and other sources. I've discovered a great number of amazing channels on a wide variety of topics. So partly for my own well being and partly to create a resource I can direct people to, I'm going to group my favourite channels into categories and make a nice list for people to discover new [Read More]

How to delete multiple redis keys with backslashes in

I came across this issue the other day, looking at our redis logs some keys had been defined with backslashes in. This Isn't advisable, but it had happened, and we needed to get rid of them. If you manually use redis-cli DEL you can delete each key, but if you have a few thousand that isn't super helpful. All of the docs and posts online refer to the standard way [Read More]

If BTC is gold and ETH is oil, Ark must be solar.

After my last blog post about how I got into crypto investing, a few people have asked my opinion on different coins, and how I interpret the market at the moment. Please bear in mind I'm new to this and just one voice of a lone investor. Feel free to call this a shill piece, I just want to articulate why I have chosen to invest the way I have. [Read More]

A foray into crypto investing

As I've recently become an adult with a proper job, for the first time in my life I have had an income that covers more than just food and rent. This revelation prompted me to consider how best to invest my surplus income and make the most of the savings I had been able to accrue. There are many options out there, and the most long-term-saving-for-the-future-sensible option would probably be [Read More]

Search For - A bash function that harnesses the power of fzf and rg to let you edit as quickly as possible

Following on from my articles on reflection time and combining rg & fzf I wanted to expand on one of my more powerful use cases for these great tools that can have the biggest impact on reflection time. What I did was make a nice little bash function that uses, rg to search for strings in text files, fzf to display, search and filter the results, and then plumb the [Read More]

Reflection time: What is it, how do you measure it, and how can it be improved?

As I wait for a docker container to restart for the 1001st time, an artifact of poor design decisions made on an old project I have been lumbered with, I can't help but feel the need to try to define in more clear terms what I have been referring to as "reflection time". Reflection time is simply the time it takes for a developer to go from a location in [Read More]

Halloumi & Mushroom Pie

Ingredients 2 medium onions 2 medium packs of (different) mushrooms 1 head of garlic 2 red chillies 1 pack of halloumi Flour Oregano Salt Lea & Perrins (Worcestershire Sauce) Pre rolled puff pastry Olive oil Whisky (optional) Equipment Big pan (wok even) Pie tray Prep Slice the two onions into thin strands, the idea is to carmelise them, I tend to find thinner longer peices work nicer. Dice up the [Read More]

Everyday Carry

One of my small obsessions and favourite subjects to nerd out on is everyday carry items, or EDC for short. For people like me the idea is that the things you EDC are the things you use most in life, and if you invest in them they can make your life a lot easier and last a lifetime! Pocket Carry I like to be a minimalist when it comes to [Read More]