With the general election suddenly looming and seeing how none of the parties running really represent my set of ideals, I thought I would write down what I really want to see represented.

Ideally I would have research conducted on all of these areas and follow their findings. Science comes before tradition. My ill informed policies so far would be:


Abolish the House of Lords, build a new parliament that is fit for purpose. Implement STV as the method of determining MP's. Hold quarterly non-binding referendums on current issues, ideally utilising technology to make it more accessible. Create a constitution, that includes all human rights as well as higher education, universal healthcare, privacy, free speech, internet access.

Lower voting age to 16.


Legalise, tax and regulate all recreational drugs so they are treated the same as alcohol & tobacco. Only place restrictions on opioids, which will require a doctors prescription, and must be taken at a harm reduction clinic in combination with recovery therapy.

Focus incarceration on rehabilitation, similar to Norway.


Remove VAT, as it isn't a proportional tax. Replace it with more and higher tax bands. Attempt a real crack down on tax avoidance. Increase the minimum wage to be level with the living wage. Cap executive pay to Xtimes that of the minimum wage.

Ban Zero hour contracts, replace with Xhours minimum contracts.


Zero tuition fees and grants for students to live. Increase research funding.

Take a Finnish approach to lower education, and teach current social issues and life skills, such as computer literacy, and sex education. Education is the key to solving most problems in society.

Remove faith schools.


Invest heavily in renewable technology, and build nuclear for the near future, until we have a stable and substantial renewable source of energy. Subsidies for EV's and solar.

Consider creating a national battery grid to replace petrol stations.


Stay in the EU. Support an EU army.

Foreign Policy / Defence

Keep a strong core, but shrink the scale of the army. Work closer with the EU and NATO to become a key piece in a greater force.

Stay neutral and not intervene in foreign conflicts where possible. However working with the EU and NATO push for sanctions and even intervention where human rights abuses are happening.

Health / NHS

Make universal healthcare a part of a constitution that ensures the NHS gets all the money and resources it needs to function.


Assess migrants from non EU members and accept them based on our needs.


Replace benefits with a basic income for all citizens. Smaller administration needs can then focus on those who need help the most.


Re-nationalise railways, and other essential services such as water, gas, electric, internet and the postal system.

Legalise and regulate brothels.

Equal paternity and maternity leave.

Universal childcare.

End all mass surveillance, and domestic spying.

Change motorcycle licensing restrictions back to a more sensible approach. They are better for the environment and traffic, and the current system discourages them.

Cement and protect the rights of LGBTQ+ people in the constitution.

Impose significant fines, and enforce corrections on media outlets that print objective lies.

The monarchy dies with the Queen.

And one stupid thing that bothers me, tweak current firearms and knife laws to remove pointless, restrictions.